class pyvo.dal.SIA2Service(baseurl, *, capability_description=None, session=None, check_baseurl=True)[source]

Bases: DALService, AvailabilityMixin, CapabilityMixin

a representation of an SIA2 service

Note that within pyVO, SIA2 services are associated with the (non-existing) standard id ivo:// rather than ivo:// as in the standard; users should generally not notice that, though.

instantiate an SIA2 service


url - URL of the SIA2service (base or query endpoint)


optional session to use for network requests


True - use the capabilities end point of the service to get the query end point, False - baseurl is the query end point

Methods Summary

search([pos, band, time, pol, ...])

Performs a SIA2 search against a SIA2 service

Methods Documentation

search(pos=None, *, band=None, time=None, pol=None, field_of_view=None, spatial_resolution=None, spectral_resolving_power=None, exptime=None, timeres=None, publisher_did=None, facility=None, collection=None, instrument=None, data_type=None, calib_level=None, target_name=None, res_format=None, maxrec=None, **kwargs)[source]

Performs a SIA2 search against a SIA2 service