Bases: ObsCoreMetadata

Obscore metadata for a found record.

We’re pulling these out from the various VOTables that we retrieve because we need to do some manipulation of them that’s simpler to do if they are proper Python objects.

This is an implementation detail, though; eventually, we’re turning these into an astropy table and further into a VOTable to make this as compatible with the DAL services as possible.

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from_sia1_recs(sia1_result, filter_func)

Attributes Documentation

attr_names = {'access_estsize', 'access_format', 'access_url', 'bib_reference', 'calib_level', 'data_rights', 'dataproduct_subtype', 'dataproduct_type', 'em_calib_status', 'em_max', 'em_min', 'em_res_power', 'em_res_power_max', 'em_res_power_min', 'em_resolution', 'em_stat_error', 'em_ucd', 'em_unit', 'em_xel', 'facility_name', 'instrument_name', 'o_calib_status', 'o_stat_error', 'o_ucd', 'o_unit', 'obs_collection', 'obs_create_date', 'obs_creator_did', 'obs_creator_name', 'obs_id', 'obs_publisher_did', 'obs_release_date', 'obs_title', 'pol_states', 'pol_xel', 'proposal_id', 'publisher_id', 's_calib_status', 's_dec', 's_fov', 's_pixel_scale', 's_ra', 's_region', 's_resolution', 's_resolution_max', 's_resolution_min', 's_stat_error', 's_ucd', 's_unit', 's_xel1', 's_xel2', 't_calib_status', 't_exptime', 't_max', 't_min', 't_ref_pos', 't_resolution', 't_stat_error', 't_xel', 'target_class', 'target_name'}

Methods Documentation

classmethod from_obscore_recs(obscore_result)[source]
classmethod from_sia1_recs(sia1_result, filter_func)[source]