images_globally*, space: Optional[Tuple[float, float, float]] = None, spectrum: Optional[Quantity] = None, time: Optional[Time] = None, inclusive: bool = False, watcher: Optional[Callable[[str], None]] = None, timeout: float = 20, services: Optional[RegistryResults] = None) Tuple[List[ObsCoreMetadata], List[str]][source]

returns a collection of ObsCoreMetadata-s matching certain constraints and a list of log lines.


An optional tuple of ra, dec, and the search radius, all in degrees; images returned must intersect a spherical circle described in this way.


An astropy quantity convertible to a (vacuum) wavelength; images must cover this point in the (electromagnetic) spectrum.


An astropy time that must be in the observation time of the image (if it declares a time).


Set to True to incluse services that do not declare their STC coverage. By 2023, it’s a good idea to do that as many relevant archives do not do that.


A callable that will be called with strings perhaps suitable for displaying to a human.


An optional RegistryResults instance to override automatic services detection.

When an image has insufficient metadata to evaluate a constraint, it
is excluded; this mimics the behaviour of SQL engines that consider
comparisons with NULL-s false.