parse_availability, *, pedantic=None, filename=None, _debug_python_based_parser=False)[source]

Parses a availability xml file (or file-like object), and returns a AvailabilityFile object.

sourcestr or readable file-like object

Path or file object containing a availability xml file.

pedanticbool, optional

When True, raise an error when the file violates the spec, otherwise issue a warning. Warnings may be controlled using the standard Python mechanisms. See the warnings module in the Python standard library for more information. Defaults to False.

filenamestr, optional

A filename, URL or other identifier to use in error messages. If filename is None and source is a string (i.e. a path), then source will be used as a filename for error messages. Therefore, filename is only required when source is a file-like object.

availability_fileAvailabilityFile object

See also

The exceptions this function may raise.