class pyvo.registry.rtcons.Datamodel(dmname)[source]

Bases: Constraint

A constraint on the adherence to a data model.

This constraint only lets resources pass that declare support for one of several well-known data models; the SQL produced depends on the data model identifier.

Records returned with these constraints will have a TAP (or auxiliary TAP) capability.

Known data models at this point include:

  • obscore – generic observational data

  • epntap – solar system data

  • regtap – the VO registry.

  • obscore-new – the table-based new-style obscore discovery. Don’t use in code built to last: this will become normal obscore when we have migrated the VO.

DM names are matched case-insensitively here mainly for historical reasons.


A well-known name; currently one of obscore, epntap, and regtap.