gavo.protocols.vocabularies module

A shallow interface to IVOA vocabularies.

class gavo.protocols.vocabularies.SubjectMeta(content='', format='plain')[source]

Bases: MetaValue

A MetaValue translating UAT terms to their labels in HTML.

This follows the assumption that HTML is what humans look at, anything else is either computers or nerds.

gavo.protocols.vocabularies.download_file(url, cache, show_progress, http_headers)[source]

a partial implementation of to be used until we can rely on astropy 4.

We actually ignore cache and show_progress…

gavo.protocols.vocabularies.get_label(voc, term)[source]

returns the label of term if it’s in the desise vocabulary voc, term capitalised otherwise.

gavo.protocols.vocabularies.get_vocabulary(voc_name, force_update=False)[source]

returns an IVOA vocabulary in its “desise” form.

See Vocabularies in the VO 2 to see what is inside of this.

This will use a cache to avoid repeated updates, but it will attempt to re-download if the cached copy is older than 6 months.