gavo.registry.nonservice module

Resources that are not services.

class gavo.registry.nonservice.DeletedResource(parent, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: NonServiceResource

a remainder of a deleted resource. These are always built from information in the database, since that is the only place they are remembered.

attrSeq = [<gavo.base.parsecontext.IdAttribute object>, <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>, <gavo.base.attrdef.RawAttribute object>]
completedCallbacks = []
managedAttrs = {'id': <gavo.base.parsecontext.IdAttribute object>, 'meta': <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>, 'meta_': <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>, 'resTuple': <gavo.base.attrdef.RawAttribute object>}
resType = 'deleted'
class gavo.registry.nonservice.NonServiceResource(parent, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Structure, StandardMacroMixin, ComputedMetaMixin

A base class for resources that are not services.

attrSeq = [<gavo.base.parsecontext.IdAttribute object>, <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>]
completedCallbacks = []
managedAttrs = {'id': <gavo.base.parsecontext.IdAttribute object>, 'meta': <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>, 'meta_': <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>}
class gavo.registry.nonservice.ResRec(parent, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: IVOMetaMixin, NonServiceResource

A resource for pure registration purposes.

A Resource without DaCHS defined behaviour. This can be Organizations or Instruments, but possibly also external services

All resources must either have an id (which is used in the construction of their IVOID), or you must give an identifier meta item.

You must further set the following meta items:

  • resType specifying the kind of resource record. You should not use this element to build resource records for services or tables (use the normal elements, even if the actual resources are external to DaCHS). resType can be registry, organization, authority, deleted, or anything else for which has a handling class.

  • title

  • subject(s)

  • description

  • referenceURL

  • creationDate

Additional meta keys (e.g., accessURL for a registry) may be required depending on resType. See the registry section in the operator’s guide.

ResRecs can also have publication children. These will be turned into the appropriate capabilities depending on the value of the render attribute.

attrSeq = [<gavo.base.parsecontext.IdAttribute object>, <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>, <gavo.base.complexattrs.StructListAttribute object>, <gavo.rscdef.common.RDAttribute object>]
completedCallbacks = []

returns publications for set names in names.

names must be a python set.

managedAttrs = {'id': <gavo.base.parsecontext.IdAttribute object>, 'meta': <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>, 'meta_': <gavo.base.meta.MetaAttribute object>, 'publications': <gavo.base.complexattrs.StructListAttribute object>, 'publish': <gavo.base.complexattrs.StructListAttribute object>, 'rd': <gavo.rscdef.common.RDAttribute object>}
name_ = 'resRec'
property rd